Argh there she blows

After finishing AI-Buster I was tuned to plan my next game. After watching the new Netflix movie "Moby dick" over Christmas I got inspired to make a new game. A simply whale hunting game would be to easy, there are already some examples online. So I went with the idea of creating a space game. Whales in space? I hear you asking - yes thats exactly what I'm talking about ;-)

Drafting in a notepad

Foto of my first scetch in my personal notepad

I like to gather my ideas very analog on a good old piece of paper, starting with a one sentences description, that is what I cam up with

You are a Space Captain hunting down Space Whales for money

The gameplay-basics will be simple, hunt whales, gather resources, sell, buy better equipment for your ship, eventually sell your ship and buy a new one, repeat. On randomly placed planets in the game you can sell your resources and buy new equipment. In the big open space you explore new regions to find more valuable whales. Oh and the "Argh" in the game title comes from the "Evil" pirates which will make your life hard, or dou you wish to become a pirat yourself??

The prototype

the two sources bellow show the basic idea

See my prototype in action

I opened up unity and began scripting around some basic shapes to get the feel of what I want to create. This is what I came up with after some minutes

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