About Me

The beginning

I am a solo indie game developer. I started about 5 years ago inspired by some C++ programming course at university. The first games back then where some simple text-based console programms. It got more serious after reading some "game programming in C++ for beginner" book (I dont remeber either author nor title) which taught me the basics of a game loop, animations and stuff.

The industrial programmer

By the start of the second year in university we began working with Java, which brought me to a entirely new level of programming. To gether with a colleague we started creating tetris and snake - and well that was when I decided to become a professional programmer.

By the end of the last year I became a decent java programmer with a deeper understandig of version control, buildpipelines and team work... As I didn't manage to find a job as a java-programmer I started working as a PLC programmer (a PLC is basically a Computer which controls machines) in a well known Swiss/American Enterprise. That is where I'm having fun now in a old fashion "8 hour / 5 Days a week" job.


During this time I stumbled across Unity 3D - which just blew my mind! It was so easy coming from my background. So after some try and error I released my first ever finished and published game AI-Buster at the end of 2019.

Argh there she blows

By 2020 I started working on a new Game "Argh, there she blows". A Game about the player beeing a Space Captain hunting down Space Whales for Money"

Creating an endless world

ATSB-dev-log, 22.04.2020

Read more about me implementing an endless world. Read more here.

The Glitcher

WOWIE2.0-JAM, Jan 20, 2020

Read more about me taking part in the WOWIE2-Jam hosted by Jonas Tyroller. Read more here.

Whalebeheaviour, ATSB

ATSB-dev-log, Jan 11, 2020

I'm currently implementing the beheaviour of the whales. I'm using the concept of statemachines to get there. Read about my progress. Read more here.

Section Management

ATSB-dev-log, Jan 9, 2020

I implemented Section management for entites. So entites can change between sections and during the change "leave" the old one by unsuscribing from it and joining the new one.
But while implementing a funny but enoying little Bug acurred, took me some time to fix it.
Read more here.

How to do better Unity movement

AI-Buster-dev-log, Jan 6, 2020

Doing Unity movement right. Read about how I implement my newly gained knowledge from "Argh, there she blows!" into AI-Buster.
Read more here.

Loading Sections

ATSB-dev-log, Jan 5, 2020

Screenshot from the editor

Watch me implementing a System to improve Performance while playing in a huch game-world, read more here


ATSB-dev-log, Jan 3, 2020

Screenshot from the editor

Look over my shoulder as I implement the harpunes , read more here

New Game "Argh, there she blows!"

AI-Buster-dev-log, Dec 30, 2019

Screenshot of the game

Let me describe the new game-idea "Argh, there she blows", read more here

Fixing an enoying Bug

AI-Buster-dev-log, Dec 28, 2019

Screenshot of the game

see the full dev-log entry on itch.io

Getting AI-Buster published

AI-Buster-dev-log, Dec 21, 2019

Screenshot of the game

see the full dev-log entry on itch.io

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